Matthew Henson
"Matthew Henson went to the Pole with Peary because he was a better man than any of us."
Commander Donald B. MacMillan
On board the USS Roosevelt, Mathew Henson, Polar Explorer, assisted Robert E. Peary discover and explore the North Pole.
Matthew Alexander Henson on the deck of the USS Roosevelt, 1908.
Matthew Henson assisted Peary on all his Arctic explorations for over 18 years. He was the only team member to go all the way to the North Pole with Peary and the 4 best Eskimos. It is very dangerous on the Polar ice but Matt was best man to have with you. One of his famous explorer friends said the following about him.
"Even more constantly in speech than in writing did Peary keep referring to Henson as the best traveler whom he had known, the most nearly indispensable man. Peary's verdict is, no doubt, the most important single testimony to Henson's ability and to his importance in those epoch-making discovery voyages which resulted,... finally, in the supreme achievement of reaching an axis of the earth."

Vilhjalmur Stefansson
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