Team mates, Ootah, Egingwah, Ooqueah, Seegloo—they went all the way to the Pole!
Eskimo dog sled handlers, Ootah, Egingwah, Ooueah, Seegloo These were the best men picked above all others to go with Matt and Peary to the pole. Ootah, his brother Egingwah, and Ooqueah, and Seegloo were the most skilled dog sledge handlers.

Ootah saved Matt's life
on the way to the Pole when Matt fell in the ocean and would have drown. Ootah reached down and pulled him out by the back of his furs—just like picking up a dog, Matt said.   
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The other heroes of the expedition
were the 200+ Huskies. 130 of them went out on the arctic ocean ice, and about 30 went all the way to the Pole.

The dogs were from Smith Sound, Greenland and were part wolves and very wild, powerful animals! They were widely known as the best sled dogs in the world. The leader of a team was called the King dog. To find the leader the Eskimos let the dogs fight it out until one was dominant. That became the "King dog" and would keep all the others in line.
One of the King Eskimo Dog

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