Captain Bob Bartlett

Bartlett would have the most northerly supply camp on the expedition. He worked on the trail up to 133 nautical miles from the Pole, thus making the "farthest north" point of anyone on the ice, except for the lead team of Henson and Peary. On the way back he helped to build the trail for Peary to follow home.


Image of the USS Roosevelt, trapped in ice.
  The Captain's ship, the Roosevelt, design and built by Peary was trapped in ice for the winter of 1908. The sails have been hung out to dry them.

Bob Bartlett was the Captain of the great ice breaking ship the Roosevelt. He was a marvelous man by all accounts and a respected hunter. Bartlett had the task of going the farthest North laying supplies and shelters for the elite team of Peary and Henson. Bartlett made his last camp only 133 nautical miles from the Pole. His later adventures as an arctic explorer fill several books.

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