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Each would lead a team with several Eskimo helpers to build the trail, make igloo camps, haul supplies. MacMillan would later lead his own Arctic explorations, write many books, and host summer cruises to Greenland for students of Bowdoin College. Marvin was shot to death by one of his Eskimo men as a result of an argument. George Borup wrote a charming book about his adventures with Peary but drown in a canoe accident only a few years later. Dr. Goodsell only published his own book much later. Click Here to go to Next Page
Image of Donald MacMillan

Donald B. MacMillan

Support Team Member George Borup

George Borup.

MacMillan in his expedition cloths. His foot developed frostbite and Peary sent him back. As Matt Henson would say, "Only frostbite on your face was not serious because you didn't walk on your face."

Team Member: J. W. Goodsell

Dr. John W. Goodsell

Support Member: Ross G. Marvin

Ross G. Marvin

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