March 1, 190924 men, 19 sledges, and 130 dogs building a trail to the North Pole

Image of Robert Peary  and his dogs
Commander Robert E. Peary on the Roosevelt
Peary Team and their dog sleds
Much of the hard labor required the skill of Eskimo dog team drivers. Here are the names of some of them who took part—Ahwahtingwah, Arco, Karo, Keshingwah, Koolootingwah, Kudlooktoo, Kyutah, Panikpah, Pooadloonah and Wesharkoopsi. Plus Ootah, Ooqueah, Egingwah and Seeglo who went all the way to the Pole.
The teams worked according to Peary's  plan. The hardest work was for the team in front who had to make the trail. Often they used small pick axes called "ice axes" to make their way through rough ice, or chop footholds up over pressure ridges. Many sledges were damaged by the sharp ice and had to be repaired. Some they replaced and a few were burned for fuel. In fact, at one camp the Eskimos burned up a broken sledge to cook one of the dogs that died—sort of an Eskimo Arctic BBQ. Peary noted in his diary that the natives had "been eating dog all day."

Image of the sharp ice that was cut thru to get to the North Pole

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