Teams build the trail
Peary and his team crossing over a pressure ridge

Pressure ridges, the barriers to travel over the Arctic ocean. One of the hardest things the team had to do was get over the 20 to 50 foot high ice barriers called "pressure ridges". These are formed when the ice buckles under force from wind, tides, currents and is thrust up. They are hard to get over as you can see here in this picture.

Often the heavy sledges had to be unloaded, supplies carried over, dogs brought over and then everything packed back on only to repeat this several times a day at each new ridge.

This black and white photo was hand colored by the publisher for printing in Peary's book. The North Pole contains 5 such colored prints.
Here they are using ice-axes to chop a way for the sleds to get through this rough ice. Notice how the dogs just curl up and take a snooze.

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