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(left) Matt Henson repairing a sled. He is using a hand drill to make a new hole for the lashings.

(right) Wally Herbert's
1969 Trans-Arctic Camping Expedition re-discovered Henson's repair techniques. But they were amateurs next to Henson's 18 years building and field repairing sledges.
[Peary's Diary]
"...culled the best dogs from their teams to replace poorer ones in the other teams...took latitude observation (87˚ 46' 49") ...We are ready now for the final lap of the journey,...dogs the pick of 133, ...& men in training. It is the time for which I have reserved all my energies, & I feel tonight as if I was in trim & equal to the demands upon me of the next few days..."
Image of Captain Bob Bartlet 1333 miles from the North Pole Captain Bartlett wearing snow shoes at his "farthest North" camp approximately 133 nautical miles from the Pole. You can see on his sled the bottom layer of white colored cases - that is the pemmican food they eat. Each dog needs a pound a day to keep Going. That can add up; 40 dogs need 400 lbs every ten days! This is why the supply camps were so important. From this point Bartlett had to Go back. Matt and Peary, Egingwah, Ootah, Ooqueah, Seegloo and about 30 dogs went on to the North Pole.

Note the light-weight pickaxe in the foreground. They used ice axes to chop paths through ice rubble, or to make foot holds up pressure ridges.

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