Exhausted, but safely back on land

  Ootah (top) and Egingwah (bottom) photographed after they returned. To appreciate what the return party endured here are Matt Henson's words from his 1912 book A Negro Explorer at The North Pole.

"When we (reached land) it was early in the morning of April 23, 1909, nearly 17 days since we left the Pole, but such a 17 days of haste, toil, and misery as cannot be comprehended by the mind. We who experienced it, Commander Peary, the Eskimos, and myself, look back to it as to a horrid nightmare, and to describe it is impossible for me."

"After reaching the land again, I gave a keen searching look at each member of the party, and I realized the strain they had been under. Instead of the plump, round countenances I knew so well, I saw lean, gaunt faces, seamed and wrinkled, the faces of old men,.."

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