Waiting to free the ship from the ice

Finally in July the ice began to break up enough to sail home. First they had to use dynamite to free the propeller. Still many icebergs got in their way and it took until August to get to Smith Sound to return the Eskimos to their homes.

Matt and Peary had to rest for weeks to get their strength back. Borup, MacMillan, Goodsell all went on expeditions to hunt for food, or to take scientific measurements of the tides, currents, etc. Dr. Goodsell collected many rock and animal specimens.
The Narwhal has one tusk. These tusks were rare and very valuable. In 1909 they killed one with two tusksóthat is very rare. The Eskimos loved to eat the skin as they say it is delicious. Maybe it is like sushi?
The Eskimos harvested a Narwhal
Seals, musk ox, caribou, Arctic hares and walrus were hunted because they needed to feed the dogs and the crew of the ship with many Eskimos who were still with them. Caribou and Musk ox were the best tasting meat. Musk ox was said to be like fine beef steak.

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