Honoring the Achievement

Matthew A. Henson and Robert E. Peary had discovered the North Pole, the goal of 400 years of expeditions. The world honored their achievement over and over again, as more people learned of the remarkable partnership that allowed these two men to accomplish so much.
The biography of Matthew Henson, Dark Companion, documents his life before and after the Polar expeditions.

North Pole Legacy, by Dr. Allen Counter, reveals the details of Matt and Peary's Inuit children. Counter brought the Greenland Inuit families to America to meet their relatives and to see the reinterment ceremony at Arlington in 1988.

A 1986 US Postage stamp honoring Matt and Peary's achievement. In 1959 they issued one to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the North Pole discovery.

Matt Henson's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. Dr. Allen Counter of Harvard, foremost Henson expert, obtained a Presidential decree to have Matt and his wife reinterred next to Peary's monument. Counter also designed the grave marker.

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