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Student artwork from teacher Alene Davis
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Trey is a student of Technology/Computer teacher Alene Davis at Mae Luster Stephens Junior High School in Texas. Trey's charming update of the 1986 Henson & Peary 22 cent stamp is the first artwork generated by computer ever donated to Matt's website.
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Meet the school and the artist  
I have made a section all about it on our school web page. Go to lkjh.lkcisd.net Look at the left and you will see links to things about our school. Scroll down a bit and look for the link...6th graders go to the North Pole. When you click on it, it will allow you to look at added links. I have pictures of Trey and his creation on the web page of yours.

You should have seen Trey's face! He is not a kid to show much emotion, but he did that day. His reading teacher was also very excited. He feels like a star! I was so proud to pass along this information to my technology coordinator, principal and even school board members. We are all so proud to be a part of your web site.

I emailed Trey's dad and told him all about it.
I got the sweetest email in reply. He thought this would help Trey to even try harder and continue to achieve much.



http://lkjh.lkcisd.net/home.asp  We are the first to send a computer drawing to the Matthew Henson site.  
Trey was very excited to learn that his drawing of Henson & Peary using Paint & Draw is now on the Matthew Henson Web Page  
Go to www.matthewhenson.com and see Trey's drawing. Look around while you are there.

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