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Matt Henson's Inuit family
Aviaq Henson lives in Qaanaaq, Greenland
1905-06 photo–
Akatingwah was the mother of all the Inuit Henson descendants.
Aviaq 2006   Laila Henson in Nuuk Aviaq Henson in Qaanaaq Henson Family tree
See: Matthew Henson's family tree.
These 1999 photographs were taken by Aviaq II Henson*. She is a great granddaughter of Matthew Henson and an Inuit living in Qaanaaq, near Thule. This is one of the villages where Peary & Henson traded for Eskimo dogs, and hunted with the local natives.

Aviaq took these photos for the website in the summer of 1999. These are Matthew Henson's direct descendants and some of their friends.  Notice on the bottom of the page is Uussaqqak Henson, Matt's grandson!

* She calls herself Aviaq II because she has a cousin also named Aviaq. She explains that the first Aviaq was the wife of Anaukaq (Matt's son). She gave birth to 5 boys and 1 girl (who died). Her name is revered as the maternal progenitor of all Inuit Hensons. So far 5 Henson descendents have been named Aviaq in her honor.
Meet laila Henson. She is Aviaq II's cousin in Nuuk, Greenland

She took photos, too, and sent them for you to see.
Me! Aviaq II

Laila Henson

An ice-berg

The woman with hands up in the air is Aviaq's big sister Nalikkatsiaq Henson. She is Ajako Henson's oldest daughter. Aviaq's father is Ajako. Next to him is her uncle Avataq; they are both sons of Matthew Henson's son, her grandfather Anaukaq Henson.
The sitting man is Uussaqqak Henson and his relatives, the woman is his oldest daughter Arnakitsoq, and the youngest boy is Arnakitsoq's oldest son Isak, the young man on the left is Uusaqqak's youngest son Peter, age 20.

"They are in summer camp with tent near by Qaanaaq, they must had fun. Have you any questions about the pictures. Laila & Aviaq"

Uussaqqak Henson
Son of Anaukaq Henson
Hanne Henson, Karl-VigGo Henson and Nuka-Kaali Henson Karl-VigGo Henson

Avoortungian Henson Sikemsen

Peter Henson Nuka-Kaali Henson Mamarut Henson with his
daughter Nivi H. Petersen

Lousa Simigaq with her children

Tina Kristiansen with her daughter Rosa Kristiansen Tina Kristiansen With her
sister Avoortungiaq H. Sikemsen

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