Henson grandson Ussarkaq Henson

Corwin Peterson gives
Dark Companion as gift

May, 2002
Corwin Peterson recently took a dogsled trek from Sassivivik to Quaanaaq Greenland. The trip was organized by Paul Schurke. Ussarkaq Henson (now age 65) was with us and did exceptionally well with son Peter's help, although his knee is painful.

Tekumeq Peary invited us into her home in Moriussaq for tea and cookies. At the end of the trek, Ussarkaq invited me in to his home in Quaanaaq where I gave him my personal copies of Dark Companion and A Negro Explorer at the North Pole and met his wife Simigaq and son Thomas.

Corwin Peterson
Uussaqqak Henson; son of Anaukaq Henson
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