Peter Henson
Peary's ship captain Bob Barlett has Inuit children
Peter Henson has eyes for Bria Schurke
Paul Schurke reports latest from Greenland
September, 2002
We were interested to learn on our dogsled trek through northwestern Greenland last May that Peary's ship captain Bob Bartlett also fathered a son with an Inuit women in Thule. He and Inalook had a son Kavigarssuaq, who in turn fathered at least 5 sons and a couple daughters, one of whom now lives in the U.S.

I've emailed Morriasuq for more info on the Bartlett connection. Seem strange that Allen Counter didn't stumble upon that connection during his visits there. The villagers are quite proud and forthright about the Bartlett progeny. Did you ever see the National Geographic film "Ice Riders" about our 2001 trip with Ussarquk Henson? His son Peter Henson is now quite enamored with my 17-year-old daughter Bria, who accompanied me on that trip. Peter calls us about every week now wooing her. What a strange and wonderful world!

Paul & Susan Schurke
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