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DARK COMPANION The Story of Matthew Henson
by Bradley Robinson, written with Matthew Henson. First Published in 1947 in the USA and UK.
NEW 2005 EDITION —a wonderful gift to your school or public library
Matthew A. Henson's official biography has been restored & re-issued. This edition is not sold in any store. A great gift for a school or public library. Inspirational, character building story for readers age 10 and above.
281 pages, 200 photos, maps, new introduction by the author's son, first ever chapter by chapter index, 9-page condensed version for researchers, and The Polar Aftermath by Fess.
• Proceeds help to pay for the free educational websites dedicated to Matthew Henson.

• NEW VERSION with 200 photos and maps.

• First ever chapter by chapter index helps teachers find events in this 281 page edition

• Easy to read 12 pt. Garamond type, tape-bound spine, clear plastic sheets protect front and back page color artwork.

• Premium grade laser paper, acid free, excellent contrast for high resolution B&W photos.
• Bonus features for teachers and researchers:
A 9-page condensed version highlighting the key dates, events and quotes for each chapter. First ever reprint of the remarkable 20-page 1915 speech by Congressman Fess: The Polar Aftermath about the antics of Dr. Cook and praise for Henson & Peary's achievement.
200 photos! Rarely seen images from Peary's books: Northward Over The Great Ice, Nearest The Pole, and The North Pole. Plus private collection photos.
The only Henson book written with Henson; all other works are derived from facts found in Dark Companion—the full length, official biography.

Matthew A. Henson explored the arctic with Commander Robert E. Peary for 18 years until they reached the North Pole. Their brilliant expedition in 1909 is still to this day the only one to master the deadly 1,000 mile round trip dash over the ocean by dog sledge. Dark Companion honors African American Henson for his participation in an event that was, in that time, the equivalent of reaching the moon 60 years later.

Henson was a marvelous man whose character was praised by all who knew him. He is a favorite icon for Black History; standing next to the most respected of all African American heroes. It is important to continue to acknowledge Henson's role because of an insidious attempt to discredit Peary and "his negro assistant" by people not easily classified in polite terms.

Give this book as a gift to schools, libraries, Black History Month programs, or as an inspiration for a young person.

Henson is buried in Arlington National Cemetery next to the grave of Robert E. Peary.

NEW EDITION for 2005. The author's son republished this exception work while adding over 200 photos; the first ever index; a condensed version; and the astounding Polar Aftermath speech Fess presented to Congress in 1915.

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