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Restored 1939 Henson interview by Lowell Thomas (600K pdf)
DOWNLOAD: Lowell Thomas made this amazing 1939 interview with Matt Henson (600 KB)
Lowell Thomas: He was quite possibly the most remarkable man in the 20th Century... There wasn't a corner of the earth that he didn't travel to, and he took his audience, in the form of radio listeners, book, newspaper, and magazine readers, Cinerama fans, or television viewers with him.

Lawrence & Thomas

The morning of April sixth I found we were in the middle of hummock ice. I calculated about how far I had come, and I said to myself, ‘If I’m not on the Pole, I’ve crossed it, so I don’t have to go no further.’ ....“After Peary finished making his observations,” said Henson, “he just about collapsed. He couldn’t walk. We had to put him on a sledge. Man, that was a march back! Again traveling eighteen to twenty hours out of every twenty-four. And was it cold! The Commander says to me, ‘Matt, don’t work the Eskimos and the dogs to death.’ I says, ‘I know, Commander, but we got to make it.’"
(interviewed by Lowell Thomas)

Famous journalist Lowell Thomas interviewed Matt Henson and captured his unique conversational style. A true Matt classic!

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