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North Pole Legacy
by S. Allen Counter

For more information about this book read an overview of it at Dr. Counter's personal website at Harvard.
1991 original edition.
Polar Legacy: Black White & Eskimo
1991, by S. Allen Counter, Ph.D.
Counter discovered the descendants of both Matt and Peary among the Northern Greenland Eskimos. Yes, Matt and Peary both had Eskimo sons! Counter brought them to the United States to visit their American relatives. An amazing discovery, a wonderful story - Counter has a big heart for Matt Henson! An overview of the book is available at his personal website at Harvard. This site has a special page devoted to Allen Counter.
Amazing Story

I just heard this book's author on the radio, and was so impressed by him. He's a Harvard professor who got interested in the story of Matthew Henson, a black man who explored the Arctic and discovered the North Pole along with Robert Peary. The professor, Dr. Counter, has gone to the Arctic several times now, and has befriended the sons and grandsons of both Henson and Peary. Before Dr. Counter, nobody in the US even knew that these explorers had fathered children up there. And Dr. Counter has done a lot to get Henson recognition here in the States, where institutionalized racism has minimized his role in history.
A highly significant book honoring the great arctic legend

This is one of the happiest endings you will ever read that really happened! Negro explorer/assistant to commander Peary, Matt Henson, left behind an Eskimo son as did Peary himself after they reached the North Pole. Back in the civilized world Negro Henson lived in obscurity while white man Peary claimed the Gold medals. But Peary died in 1920 and Matt Henson became a favorite member of the New York Explorers club. After WW2 his biography started the process of awareness concerning his invaluable role with Peary. Determined as the rightful co-discoverer of the North Pole his honors have come late. He received the Navy medal and visited Eisenhower in the White House just before his death in 1955.

This book by Dr. Allen Counter is a celebration of the reunion he made of the Peary and Henson Eskimos with their American relatives after 80 years of separation. The author had Henson reinterred at Arlington National Cemetery, next to Peary's grave, with full military honors. Henson's American and Eskimo families were present. Later Counter worked to have a Naval ship, the USNS Henson, named for this amazing man who the Eskimos called "Matthew the Kind one." Counter's book is full of family discoveries & reunion, hope, inspiration and charm. His work for Henson continues today as he encourages the best and brightest of Hollywood to make a film worthy of Henson.

Copyright© 1991 by The University of Massachusetts Press ISBN 0-87023-736-5 (cloth); 842-6 (paper)

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