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BBC radio production,
Stealing the Glory
, a 1/2 hour program in MP3
Lets go to the North Pole with Peary & Matt! 
1939 interview with Matt Henson, at his Custom's House job
For Students
School Art Contest
Students win prizes for illustrations & sculpture

 Audio files on MP3
BBC radio production- Stealing the Glory
Robert E. Peary - RCA Victor recording
Introduction—Henson's place in History

Matt's childhood!—from his biography

Henson is special—why he was loved

Timeline—of Matt's life. All the dates
Henson & Peary—18 years exploring

Matt's friends—Read what they said

Map Room—all the lands Matt explored

Meteorite—70,000 lb. one they found

Teachers—curriculum for classrooms
All about the 1909 polar controversy
(below) Henson action figure set.
Student Artwork Conwell Middle School

Matt's meteorite

Print you own
Henson Award!
Best library book
Matt's Movie!
Complete Index
Ahdoolo—a play by a 5th grade class

Allen Counter
—Matt's best friend

Angry that Henson went to Pole—1909

Arlington Cemetery
—Matt's grave

Arctic photos—polar bears, igloos, more

Artwork—kids artwork contests to draw Matt

—Matt's signatures

Autographs 2—(Frames version)

Aviaq Henson—Matt's Inuit family|

Award certificates—for Henson achievers

BBC radio production

Biography, Henson (official)—reading sample

Biography, Henson (official)—purchase online

Character references—Matt's famous friends

—of Matt's life

Conwell Middle School—drawings of Matt 

Curriculum—Teacher's resources

Diary, Peary—read the actual 1909 account

Dunbar Apartment Plaque—Matt's home

Explorers Club—Matt was a favorite member

Family Tree—Matt's children

Filmmaking—Debbie Allen & TNT movie

Flags at the Pole—who held which one?

Genealogy of Henson—family tree

Glory & Honor—the movie about Henson

Grave site—Arlington National Cemetery

Henson, Laila—Matt's great grand-daughter

Hubbard Medal—the ultimate honor

Introduction—Henson's place in History

Journalists—photos for publication

Kids Artwork
—drawings inspired by the movie
Ken Magazine—1939 interview

Library—books and reviews

Map Room—all the lands Matt explored

Matthew Henson Library—books for all ages!

Matthew A. Henson Middle School

Matt's Post Office
—email to this site

Matt Tells Real Pole story—1910 article

Meteorite—70,000 lb. one Matt& Peary found

Navy Ceremony—USNS Henson cruise

North Pole expedition
—the 1909 expedition

North Pole locator—ocean floor map

Peary's Diary—read the actual 1909 account

Peary, (Edward Stafford)—defends his grandfather

Robert Stafford
—the Henson/Peary partnership

Roosevelt crew list—1908-1909 expedition

Route to the Pole—how they got there

Scientific American—1910 Peary thumbs up

Sextant—how it works

Stamps—1986 USPS tribute to Matt

Stealing The Glory—BBC radio does Matt

Teachers—curriculum suggestions

Testimony—a letter from Matt, 1910

Timeline—of Matt's life

USNS HENSON—Matt's navy ship

Web links—Internet sites

Who were Henson & Peary?—historical view

Why is Matt so special?—an essay

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