A story so Good it is still in print after 50 years!




Bradley Robinson 1958  


Dr. Allen Counter said this about Dark Companion

"In 1948 Matthew Henson was "rediscovered" by mainstream America when author Bradley Robinson wrote a biography titled Dark Companion. This marked the first time Americans were given a true picture of the role Henson played in the polar discoveries of Robert Peary. Robinson, the liberal son of a member of the Explorer's club, decided to write Henson's story after learning of his crucial role in the conquest of the Pole through extensive interviews and research. Published at a time when American racial attitudes were becoming enlightened, the book was well reviewed and became a big seller. Henson, now in his eighties, suddenly found himself the object of much attention. Newspapers and magazines interviewed him, and he made guest appearances on radio."

This is the authentic 1947 biography written with Matthew Henson. Author Bradley Robinson spent many evenings in Matt's Harlem apartment listening to his great Arctic adventures and writing down the details of his life. Matt enjoyed the process of sharing his life with a biographer and the two became friends. For the rest of his life Bradley Robinson could only speak of Matt with sincere admiration and love.

Here is a free reading sample of Dark Companion Chapter one. This 15 page beginning to Matt's life tells how he ran away from home and went to sea at age 12 with Captain Childs of the ship Katie Hines. Read the introductions to Dark Companion with comments about Matt Henson from famous explorers.


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