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Matthew Henson & Hollywood!

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Delroy Lindo and Henry Czerny. - Photo by Michel Gauthier / photo © 1997 TBS

Matthew Henson movie

Glory & Honor, a TNT original movie was first aired March 1, 1998 on TBS.
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Release Date: May 4, 1999. NR Starring: Lindo, Czerny, et al. Edition Details:ASIN: 0780622693

Amistad Producer Debbie Allen has a script and Denzel Washington to star as Matt. Who will provide the funding? One thing is certain. When Debbie Allen films Matthew Henson it will as powerful as her brilliant production of Amistad! Godspeed to you Debbie.

Update June, 1998
TriStar Pictures did not pick up the option. Instead they backed the director of AirForce One with his project to film the 1911 Shackelton expedition which had such an amazing journey at the South Pole.

Debbie Allen was also frustrated by the TNT special movie for cable, Glory &Honor, as this recent Henson film would make it more difficult for her to find funding for her project. So the status of a full fledged Hollywood film about Henson is that it is held up , awaiting funding.

December 1997
Debbie Allen's project is to make a major motion picture of Matt Henson's life. She is deeply committed to the task (along with Dr. Allen Counter and Denzel Washington) and is certain to make the definitive Henson film. After all she carried the torch for the Amistad project for 10 years! Debbie Allen says she is presenting the project to Dreamworks. Writer (screenplay) Robert Schenkkan is presenting it to Ron Howard's film company. "Denzel remains committed." (to portraying Matt...)

For info on Debbie Allen and her award winning Amistad Film try these links:

December 1996
TriStar Pictures purchased an option for the film rights to Dark Companion; Debbie Allen will direct, Denzel Washington to play Henson, with a Robert Schenkkan screenplay. Debbie is currently producing Amistad (Spielberg Directing) and when that is finished she says she will begin the Matt Henson movie.

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