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The SS Roosevelt on its way to the North Pole expedition in 1908 at Sydney, Nova Scotia harbor
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009
From: Neil Libbey <>
Subject: North Pole Centennial

I am a historian in Sydney, Nova Scotia and will be Commodore of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club for 2009. We are planning celebrating the anniversary of Peary's North Pole discovery this summer during the tall ships visit from July 25 to July 27.

Peary made all his stops on his polar voyages from Sydney starting in 1886 and concluding on September 21, 1909 when we held a large party to honor him for reaching the North Pole. Peary was also a regular visitor to my masonic lodge. There are many artifacts of Peary's locally.

I am putting together a program for the event now and am wondering about individuals who should be and would like to be included in the event, such as Peary descendants, National Geographic Representatives, historians and who ever else you might think would appreciate the event.

My friend Bill Baker is a member of the explorers club and he is planning on coming to the event. Any assistance you might offer would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Neil Libbey
Henson Family
in Nuuk, Greenland
" first catched rain deer"
The direct descendants of Matthew Henson live in Greenland
Aviaq 2006  • Laila in Nuuk Aviaq in Qaanaaq Family tree
From: "Aviaq Henson" <>
November, 2008

Dear Verne!
Thank you very much to let me know about Gail Foster. I have already
write her a mail. You are so very kind, and you are the person who keep the opportunity to find Matthew Henson on the net.

I like to visit your site, because you are so stabile to run the website
about Matthew Henson.

And congratulations about your new president Obama. Many people in
Greenland talks about Obama and like to stand for him, you should know
if citizens of Greenland were in to vote, they would no doubt vote Obama
for president.

I wish you and your website for the best.

Yours sincerely,
Aviaq Henson
From: "Aviaq Henson" <>
February, 2008

Dear Verne!

It is long time ago since I wrote to you, how are you?

You know what? I am going to study tour in LA, California!
We are 22 college students from Teachers Training College in Greenland,
and including 2 teachers we will land to Los Angeles on March of 1st,
and go back on March 14th.

It is very exciting to go to LA, and we have just decided to go to
California for like 2-3 weeks ago, (we should go to Toronto or New York,
but because of the economic situations, we have choosen California).

Yours sincerely,
Aviaq Henson
From: "Aviaq & Aqqalii" <>
Winter, 2006

Dear Verne Robinson.

It is long time ago since I wrote to you. I hope that you are doing fine, and happy new year. I am now 27 years old, and still living in Nuuk, Greenland. My sister Laila is now 34 years old. My parents Vittus and Cecilie are also doing fine, including my brothers, nephews and my niece.

A lots of things has happened since we mailed together, I'm living with my boyfriend, we are together now in 4 years. I am learning as a teacher and will be gratuade in about 2 1/2 years.

I use to visit your website to have a look about how you are doing, it seems like that you are still doing fine.

Yours sincerely,

Aviaq Henson
C.E.Janssensvej 13, v.211
3900 Nuuk
Phone: 48 74 72 or 48 34 34

My Parent´s adress is still the same (Kongevej 1, P 423, 3900 Nuuk).

Dear Verne Robinson.

I am so happy to hear from you, I've forgot to ask you about your cat, that it is still alive, and in your mail I can see that it is still alive, are they other cats family members to Rusty?

Verne, I am going to Qaanaaq in about 2 week, I am so exciting, last time I was there we went on a vacation when I was 3 years old, and I can´t remember much.

I will be in Qaanaaq 5 weeks to practising their public school, I could choose other cities or Denmark, but I feel that it is time to me to visit my ancestors land and my uncles and their relatives, so I am very exciting.

We could'nt just go to Qaanaaq, the plane tickets are too expencive, like my ticket has cost 19,000 danish krones (about US$ 2,700 dollars) turn-return. I am also glad that my education will pay for the ticket.

I have put some pictures you can see. The pictures are: My brother David and his son and girl friend, Laila´s son Ungaaq in his first school day, in ski lift, my first catched rain deer, and Nuuk city from our view. I can´t believe how fast our computer world has become, can you remember that you have to sent us one time cameras, because we could´nt afford very expensive digital cameras with not so good qualities?. Now everyone has it as digital cameras or cell phones with camera that you can connect it to PC´s.

Pictures: My three brothers Akku, David and Allen. My mom Cecilie´s and Laila´s boat Flipper 620. My motor boat Poga 500(also my boyfriend´s). My three nephews Aputsiaq, Inutsiaq and Ungaaq. My father Vittus, My nephews and niece out in the nature. At last my picture.

We love to sailing out in the nature, so I have put some pictures with our boats.

Yours sincerely,


Nuuk, Greenland

More photos from Aviaq Henson: Slide show

Best ever
Henson biography

Expanded Edition


Dark Companion
2006 expanded edition
Matthew Henson worked closely with Bradley Robinson in 1946—47 to write what has become the only official Henson biography.

Now, the author's son has added 200 photos and maps, a chapter by chapter index, a 9-page condensed version, and The Polar Aftermath.

Henson's biography has long needed an index—now it has one. This allows readers to review the events of each of the 20 chapters and locate key events. The Condensed Version helps researchers find quotes, dates and events. The Polar Aftermath is a remarkable 1915 speech that runs 20 pages. In it, Congressman Fess examines the antics of Dr. Frederick Cook whom he accuses of "perverting American history" while reiterating the Country's praise for Robert E. Peary and his historic discovery of the North Pole.

Photos have been restored from magazines, archives, and four Peary books such as My Arctic Journal (Josephine Peary),  Northward Over the Great Ice, Farthest North, and The North Pole.

This highly illustrated edition brings to life the intimate details of the 18 years Henson & Peary explored the Arctic. This 280 letter size pages are the ultimate tribute to the achievement of a great geographical prize; reaching an axis of the earth for the first time.

Wonderful Henson book! Bravo!! Inspirational for young people!

by Donna Jo Napoli
"...Alvin travels from Washington, D.C. towards Baffin Island in Canada. His goal is to follow the trail of his hero, African-American Arctic explorer Matthew Henson. Alvin doesn't have Henson's knowledge of the dangers of the Arctic, but he does have bravery, brains and a lot of luck.

He is rescued from a near-death experience by an Inuk man and ends up traveling across the Canadian Arctic in a dog sledge, eventually coming to live with a man named Idlouk Tana. Idlouk teaches Alvin how to live in the Arctic, complete with bear-fat cookies! Alvin returns home the following spring with a new sense of independence and appreciation for adventure.

Get ready for a cold, thrilling journey that takes Alvin to places where the sun only shines for an hour a day in the winter and seals are essential to survival. Life in the Arctic is harsh and even deadly, and Donna Jo Napoli makes it come to life with simple imagery that perfectly portrays, in Matthew Henson's words, the "fierce beauty" of the land there. -- Carlie Webber
At your local book seller

Environmental damage in the Arctic

August, 2004

Henson found in Return of The King DVD!
"National Geographic Special: Beyond the Movie" (45:57)

The #2 DVD for the 2004 release of Return of The King contains the above cited documentary. Henson & Peary are referenced as an essential team much like Sam and Frodo in Lord of The Rings.

We were contacted for assistance back in 2003 by Juan Jose Farmer de la Torre, Associate Producer, National Geographic Television & Film. We eagerly shipped to him a package of goodies: books, photos, posters, a Henson action figure and other inspirational items.

Well, it paid off! Watch the documentary in the #2 DVD! It is wonderfully narrated by Gimley! Yeah, the Dwarf!

Thank you National Geographic! Thank you for honoring the brave & wonderful Matthew Henson.

August, 2004
Race to The North Pole
(see image below)

New Zealand publisher creates excellent Henson text
Debbie Davidson, Photo Editor of Weldon Owen Education, requested photo rights for a grade school text on Henson & Peary. We found their publication so compelling that we gave them all the free photos they requested.

Thank you Weldon Owen Education and good luck!

Image from Weldon Owen Education

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