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Proof Henson & Peary reached Pole
Many people are unaware this information exists.
It has been proven several ways

1990 Navigation Foundation released new evidence
Landry/Crowley proved dog sledge speeds to the Pole possible
Researcher Douglas R. Davies released these amazing photos

The world
turns around
its Pole

See the evidence for yourself
Note: some pictures are high resolution and may be better suited for users with a cable modem or DSL Internet connection. You may prefer to obtain from your library the January, 1990 National Geographic Society Magazine article. We have it on the web for youNew Evidence Places Peary at The Pole


April, 2000 - Landry/Crowley & NorthWind's huskies
Paul Landry and Paul Crowley traveled to the Pole in the same time it took Peary and Henson in 1909 (well, 4 days longer - but heck! Matt & Peary had 22 extra men helping them!) This achievement makes people look silly who said, for many years, that it was impossible. Impossible for people without skill perhaps, but not for Henson & Peary, with their Eskimo friends, using the greatest Arctic motive machine known - the Husky. Bred to pull sledges and love it! (note: we only have this animated German shepherd, if you can animate a white husky for us that would be great!)

Year: 2000
Huskies Prove
Henson & Peary!

Surprising photos
Two photos that actually show the sun at the Pole are known to exist. Peary had never published them as they were overexposed. From these we can prove that Henson & Peary were at the North Pole.

Year: 2002
Davies releases
photo x & photo y

The Expedition Map
The illustration shows how the plan worked. The key to success was:

Start from the most northern point of land as soon as possible in the late winter.

Employ teams of men to make a trail over the ice, build igloo camps, and deliver supplies.

Allow Henson & Peary to follow the road the team worked to construct, saving their strength. Then let them take the best dogs and dash on ahead to the Pole. The plan worked!

Year: 2000
The Team
Supply Method

Photo analysis
A Cold War spy technique, photogrammetric rectification, can determine the latitude at which a photograph was taken. When applied to Peary's photos it proves they were at the North Pole.

Year: 1990
New Evidence Places Peary at The Pole

Depth records
Henson & Peary measured the depth of the ocean along the way to the Pole. When the Navy released their ocean floor map it finally made sense of what had been recorded in 1909. Peary had been recording the depth of a feature called the Lomonosov Ridge. His soundings pointed straight to the North Pole.
Year: 1990
New Evidence Places Peary at The Pole

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